Comment 7 for bug 976067

shane (shane-animail) wrote :

As said, this shows album art for stuff that has been played, which isn't really a fix as far as I see since it should at the very least have the same functionality as the previous release.

I don't know about other people but speaking personally, I don't make a point of playing every album in my collection after installation so only a fraction of the stuff listed in the music lens currently has the album art (after updating from proposed) so it looks messy and very unpolished seeing the odd bit of album art then loads of generic mimetype icons.

Shouldn't this have been looked at more carefully when the decision was made to switch from banshee to rhythmbox?
Of course it isn't the end of the world and it has no major impact on the system itself but the dash is a major part of unity and the music lens has been in there for a full release so users should expect it to work like it did, rather than regress.