Comment 128 for bug 872044

(In reply to comment #8)
> Saurav,
> My F15 boxes (now all F16) had gnome-user-share installed and all could
> transfer Bluetooth files just fine. There is a dependency problem if
> bluez-hid2hci is required. gnome-user-share should Requires it.
> After attempting file browsing again today, I was able to transmit to/from and
> delete files on my mobile phone through the browsing window. I was also able to
> transmit to my phone using nautilus Send To and receive files from the phone.
> I'm not sure why the first attempts failed, but now everything seems to be
> working.
> IMO this looks like a dep issue and should be assigned to gnome-user-share.

Do you mean that installing gnome-user-share allowed you to send files from F16 to a remote device?