Comment 35 for bug 872044

I am affected by the same bug (fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity). Actually I cannot do any file transfer with my phone : sending files from the phone, from the PC, browsing files, nothing works (permission denied everywhere). Also, the bluetooth-applet crashes. Only the initial pairing with the phone went fine. Typical errors in syslog are :

Dec 21 11:26:27 guilleri obex-data-server: sdp_extract_seqtype: Unexpected end of packet
Dec 21 11:27:08 guilleri bluetoothd[4523]: Bluetooth daemon 4.96
Dec 21 11:27:08 guilleri bluetoothd[4523]: Unable to get on D-Bus
Dec 21 11:29:34 guilleri obex-client[4567]: obex-client daemon 0.42
Dec 21 11:29:34 guilleri bluetoothd[1136]: Mode session 0x7fa6debc6630 with :1.82 activated
Dec 21 11:29:36 guilleri obex-client[4567]: Permission denied (13)

Comment #14 suggested to look into the "Personal file sharing" settings but I cannot find them in Unity's system settings (though the package gnome-user-share is installed).