Comment 124 for bug 872044

To all concerned: -

Please do not consider the issue of being unable to receive files via Bluetooth to be part of this bug. It is because Fedora 16, for example, does not have the gnome-user-share (Personal File Sharing) package installed in GNOME by default. However, gnome-user-share now depends on httpd on Fedora so it becomes imperative to install httpd (Apache Web server) even if we do not need the network sharing facility. gnome-user-share can work just fine without httpd. Setting up BlueDevil to receive files on KDE works correctly, and gnome-user-share does not depend on httpd on Ubuntu now and is also installed by default there so setting it up to receive files also works. This should be filed as a separate bug. The main problem here is that sending files (OBEX push) does not work.