Patch attachments in eglibc in Ubuntu Precise

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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1243473: LD_AUDIT is broken on amd64 Undecided New 25 weeks

From: Geoffrey Thomas
Link: eglibc_2.15-0ubuntu10.5+mokafive1.debdiff


Bug #1165387: Check __SSE_MATH__ in feraiseexcept Medium In Progress 54 weeks

From: Matthias Klose
Link: lp1165387.diff


Bug #1109327: who command gets "who: memory exhausted" for certain inputs Medium In Progress 62 weeks

From: Adam Conrad
Link: asplodey-who.patch


Bug #423252: NSS using LDAP+SSL breaks setuid applications like su, sudo, apache2 suexec, and atd Undecided New 82 weeks

From: Howard Chu
Link: dif.txt

Addition to the patch in comment#73

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