Comment 13 for bug 1035431

Glad it worked for you guys! I use the keyboard when I am lying in bed at night using my computer on my TV, and I only run linux on my devices so I am relieved it works (especially seeming it cost me about $150 in Australia for the keyboard and $30 for the Bluetooth adapter).

Does anyone more adept at Linux know why this fails to connect on the GUI; it seems it fails in Ubuntu & Redhat from what I have seen so far (basically gnome-bluetooth).

On a side note, if you want to make the Fn keys work without hitting the Fn button (useful for switching terminal windows etc if you have command line based system or setting up, stops you accidently 'changing devices' while looking for the F1, F2, F3 key), read, download and compile this:

I had to change line 59 from:
printf("write: %d were written instead of %ld.\n", res, len);

printf("write: %d were written instead of %d.\n", res, len);

to get it to compile properly. Then just set it up to run everytime on bootup and your Fn keys act like normal.