Comment 5 for bug 1079953

Leo H (leo-h-hildebrandt) wrote :

I can confirm that the updated version of alacarte currently in quantal-proposed does restore some functionality as regards the first three items mentioned in my earlier post (tick boxes, create new menu items, delete menu items).


-- Drag and drop of a menu item within a menu folder (rearrange menu item order) still does not work.

-- Drag and drop of a menu item from one menu folder to another still does not work.

-- Moving a menu item up or down within a menu folder with the arrow keys can only be done one position at the time. This takes about 15 seconds the be effected per step. Until this step takes effect, further clicks on the up or down arrow keys are ignored. During this process alacarte claims 95%-100% of CPU and over 50MiB of memory for a fresh standard installation of xubuntu 12.10 with only some 15 additional menu items.

-- Ticking or unticking a menu item box, adding new menu items, and deleting menu items makes similarly excessive time, CPU and memory demands.

In summary, the alacarte update works in a way, but slower than my pet escargot which is not à la carte. At the same time alacarte claims the whole system and turns it into a pressure cooker.