Binary package “nginx-light” in ubuntu precise

nginx web server with minimal set of core modules

 Nginx (engine x) is a web server created by Igor Sysoev and kindly provided to
 the open-source community. This server can be used as standalone HTTP server
 and as a reverse proxy server before some Apache or another big server to
 reduce load to backend servers by many concurrent HTTP-sessions.
 This package provides a very light version of Nginx which lacks many of the
 features and modules of it's full counterpart.
 Standard HTTP Modules:
   Core, Access, Auth Basic, Auto Index, Charset, Empty GIF, FastCGI, Gzip,
   Headers, Index, Log, Map, Proxy, Rewrite, Split Clients, Upstream, User ID
 Optional HTTP Modules:
   Gzip Precompression, IPv6, Stub Status, SSL
 Mail Modules:
 Third Party Modules: