Comment 69 for bug 998156

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

14:18:45 larsu | didrocks, I asked mkasik's opinion about the attached patch, but he hasn't answered yet
14:18:53 larsu | (he's the one doing printing in gtk)
14:19:17 didrocks | larsu: ah, should we try it in quantal? or can you try to ping him again?
14:19:33 larsu | didrocks, I think the patch is not good enough for upstream, but it will do the job for a cycle if we don't get a
                   | real fix soon
14:19:59 larsu | the patch almost certainly works, it's just not doing the right thing
14:20:00 didrocks | larsu: maybe not beta2 though? should we just fiddle it in after it? (so that easier to revert)
14:20:10 larsu | yeah let's do that
14:20:14 didrocks | ok, gotcha :)