Binary package “elpa-ox-texinfo+” in ubuntu oracular

Extensions for Org's Texinfo exporter

 This package provides some extensions for Org's `texinfo' exporter
 defined in `ox-texinfo'.
 1. Create `@deffn' and similar definition items by writing list
    items in Org that look similar to what they will look like in Info.
 2. Optionally share a section's node with some or all of its child sections.
    By default every section on every level gets its own node, and
    `ox-texinfo' provides no mechanism for changing that.
 3. Optionally modify the Org file before exporting it. This is implemented
    using a hook that can be set using the `BIND' property:
     #+BIND: ox-texinfo+-before-export-hook some-function
     #+BIND: ox-texinfo+-before-export-hook another-function
 4. Fully respect the local value of `indent-tabs-mode' from the Org file when
    editing source blocks and exporting. This affects all source blocks and
    all exporters.