python3-asdf-transform-schemas binary package in Ubuntu Noble amd64

 ASDF (Advanced Scientific Data Format) is a proposed
 next generation interchange format for scientific data. ASDF aims to
 exist in the same middle ground that made FITS so successful, by
 being a hybrid text and binary format: containing human editable
 metadata for interchange, and raw binary data that is fast to load
 and use. Unlike FITS, the metadata is highly structured and is
 designed up-front for extensibility.
 This package provides ASDF schemas for validating transform tags.
 Users should not need to install this directly; instead, install an
 implementation package such as asdf-astropy.

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  2023-10-27 12:06:55 UTC Published Ubuntu Noble amd64 release universe python Optional 0.4.0-1
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  2023-10-27 12:08:16 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Noble amd64 release universe python Optional 0.3.0-1
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