Comment 17 for bug 708382

mlaverdiere (mlaverdiere) wrote :

Now on Natty Beta 1 (freshly updated), the problem appears not only related to browser/mail apps, but also to multimedia player, since Banshee is not registered as one available multimedia app. (while it's now the default music player!), but instead as a personalized selection... See screenshot 1 attached,

This lead to another problem, as the Totem icon/app. appears as the application to launch to "listen to music" in the Ubuntu-Upper-right menu, instead of Banshee. See screenshot 2 attached in the following post.

So my take on this is that this report should not be treated as a "wish", but as a bug. There's a problem (lack of coherence, attention, etc.) somewhere with 1) how default applications registered themselves in the Gnome/Unity framework; and 2) How the user can change this selection.