Comment 172 for bug 625364

Thanks Wirawan,

I also suspend the machine all the time, so it is critical for me that
it works. In my case, however, Ubuntu will NEVER let me suspend. I feel
like giving Ubuntu up as well. Do you have a viable alternative? I would
like to stick to the .deb system if possible, and the installation
medium must be CD (can't write DVDs on this machine...)


On 10.08.2011 05:50, Wirawan Purwanto wrote:
> I have been using 64-bit Ubuntu (8.10, 10.04 LTS) in Thinkpad T400
> with Intel graphics. They are fine in general. There are issues here
> and there--some could be annoying. The latest is the problem with
> suspend-resume and/or graphics. My issues are described here:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-
> intel/+bug/777956
> I tried backported 2.6.35 and 2.6.38 series kernel available for
> Lucid---I keep having issues with respect to suspend/resume. 2.6.35
> problem is as described in this bug page (moon light blinking and
> suspend was hung); 2.6.38's problem is with waking up from suspend
> (something X-related; I can't describe in full right now). Both are
> occasionally happening (and don't know when they will happen). It
> feels like I want to give up using Ubuntu on this laptop.
> Wirawan