Comment 14 for bug 657031


I don't think I was missing your point. Lenovo only sell T500 with Windows so they only care about Windows drivers. AuthenTec will only do something if it makes a profit and the only operating system that people can get on their T500 machines in the shops is Windows, so only Windows matters to them. Thus no-one with any financial clout is going to care, except Canonical, who I thought had a policy of all hardware working under Ubuntu out of the box. Clearly this is not the case for the T500. So unless a big corporate suddenly decides it has to fund Canonical to have the driver, Canonical will have to fund the project internally or it will never happen. I am guessing from the apparent lack of official Canonical corporate interest in this bug, the answer is this bit of hardware will not now ever work in Ubuntu and definitely never in Debian. Sad, but I have learnt to live with this.