Binary package “python-multipledispatch-doc” in ubuntu mantic

documentation for multipledispatch

 This implementation of multiple dispatch is efficient, mostly complete,
 performs static analysis to avoid conflicts, and provides optional namespace
 support. It looks good too.
 What this does:
  * Dispatches on all non-keyword arguments
  * Supports inheritance
  * Supports instance methods
  * Supports union types, e.g. (int, float)
  * Supports builtin abstract classes, e.g. Iterator, Number, ...
  * Caches for fast repeated lookup
  * Identifies possible ambiguities at function definition time
  * Provides hints to resolve ambiguities when they occur
  * Supports namespaces with optional keyword arguments
  * Supports variadic dispatch
 What this doesn't do:
  * Diagonal dispatch
  * Efficient update: The addition of a new signature requires a full resolve
    of the whole function. This becomes troublesome after you get to a few
    hundred type signatures.
 This package contains the documentation for multipledispatch.