Comment 68 for bug 526892

Guy Van Sanden (gvs) wrote :


> The problem here is that some widescreen displays, when asked to render VGA
> (640x480), do so by rendering the full *width* of the display, at the
> expense of not having the full *height* rendered on the screen. I think by
> all rights this should be considered a BIOS bug (and you may have a setting
> in your BIOS that lets you adjust this), but I tried to take this into
> account when fixing bug #540685. Had this not been the case, the entire
> input box (and part of the passphrase prompt) would have been off the bottom
> of your screen...

The strange thing is that this new issue was only introduced after the last upgrade, it showed fine before that.

> I don't know why this would be when it's working at boot. Please file a new
> bug report using 'ubuntu-bug plymouth' about this issue.

Filed it as bug #550061