Comment 60 for bug 526892

On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 05:07:50PM -0000, Cory Maccarrone wrote:
> I haven't tried this fix yet, but I'm really confused as to why vga16fb
> is in use at all. Are there really systems with video cards that can't
> handle vesafb? Seems to me that Ubuntu could use vesafb for nvidia card
> users when the proprietary drivers are in use and you'd still get the
> good experience you get with the open-source version. I don't get why
> adding a special renderer for vga16fb is a better solution than just
> using vesafb.

vesafb is known to have adverse interactions with suspend and/or hibernate
on some systems; and we have no good way to selectively enable it *only* when
the nvidia binary driver is enabled. (Even if a good method to selectively
enable it was identified now, it would be too late to regression-test such a
change for the 10.04 release.)

The vga16fb module, OTOH, is always safe to load, since if a better
framebuffer is available, it won't be used.

On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 06:52:59PM -0000, kulight wrote:
> now i get the raphical plymouth with the bad colors and i suspect bad
> reolution becouse the logo is huge.

Yes, you get VGA resolution, which is 640x480. The committment here was
that we would have a graphical splash with vga16fb, not that it would look
as good as the splash on the other framebuffers. The latter is not

> there is also text messages between the grub and plymouth comming up

What are these text messages?

> also when plymouth do comes up it just for a second or less before X
> comes in.

That's the separate bug #540801.