Comment 20 for bug 568605

Michael B. Trausch (mtrausch) wrote :

Just a warning to everyone: comment #19 link is pop-uppy and stuff.

Thomas, can you in the future post warnings to that effect when you post on a bug report or in any other sort of forum where it is generally expected that Web links are clean and respectful? That does means disabling ad blocking and pop-up blocking stuff (at least down to the normal level of a off-the-shelf Web browser configuration) before checking the link, which is a downside if you normally run with all that sort of stuff in your browser. You can create a secondary Firefox profile that you could use for that purpose with relative ease. That way when those of us who use "just a browser" we don't have to try to click out of pop-ins and pop-outs and all sorts of other crud. Thanks!