Binary package “mtpolicyd” in ubuntu kinetic

modular policy daemon for postfix

 mtpolicyd is a modular policy daemon for postfix written in perl.
 It has support for virtual hosts, session caching, per-user
 configuration and is easily extensible thru plugins.
 It already ships with a lot of plugins:
    RBL - query DNS IP black/whitelists
    DBL - query DNS domain black/whitelists
    SqlList - use SQL query as black/whitelist
    CtIpRep - use Commtouch IP reputation
    GeoIP - use location of sending IP
    Fail2ban - block spammers with fail2ban/iptables
    Greylist - greylisting
    SPF - Sender Policy Framework
    Accounting - collect SMTP-level accounting information
    Quota - apply quota limits based on Accounting data
    and more... (see Documentation)