Binary package “libtsl-hopscotch-map-dev” in ubuntu kinetic

C++ fast hash map and hash set using hopscotch hashing

 The hopscotch-map library is a C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash
 set using open-addressing and hopscotch hashing to resolve collisions. It is a
 cache-friendly data structure offering better performances than
 `std::unordered_map` in most cases and is closely similar to
 `google::dense_hash_map` while using less memory and providing more
 The library provides the following main classes: `tsl::hopscotch_map`,
 `tsl::hopscotch_set`, `tsl::hopscotch_pg_map` and `tsl::hopscotch_pg_set`. The
 first two are faster and use a power of two growth policy, the last two use a
 prime growth policy instead and are able to cope better with a poor hash
 function. Use the prime version if there is a chance of repeating patterns in
 the lower bits of your hash (e.g. you are storing pointers with an identity
 hash function).
 In addition to these classes the library also provides `tsl::bhopscotch_map`,
 `tsl::bhopscotch_set`, `tsl::bhopscotch_pg_map` and `tsl::bhopscotch_pg_set`.
 These classes have an additional requirement for the key, it must be
 `LessThanComparable`, but they provide a better asymptotic upper bound.
 Nonetheless if you don't have specific requirements (risk of hash DoS attacks),
 `tsl::hopscotch_map` and `tsl::hopscotch_set` should be sufficient in most
 cases and should be your default pick as they perform better in general.