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Bug #717445: grub2 in lucid doesn't work in qemu with '-vga std' Medium Confirmed grub2 160 weeks

From: Serge Hallyn
Link: 9993_surely_innocent.diff

patch 3/3 of the backport

Bug #691722: -fstack-protector-all ignored due to -fstack-protector default Medium Triaged gcc-4.5 172 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: gcc-4.5_4.5.2-1ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #691722: -fstack-protector-all ignored due to -fstack-protector default Medium Triaged gcc-4.4 172 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: gcc-4.5_4.5.2-1ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #306955: sobby does not appear to use socket reuse flags Undecided New libinfinity 182 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: libinfinity_0.4.1-1ubuntu0.1.debdiff


Bug #643787: certificate verifcation does not work with newSSL Undecided New erlang 185 weeks

From: Elliot Murphy
Link: lucid-sru.debdiff


Bug #616115: sawfish is missing depencency on rep Undecided New sawfish 192 weeks

From: Daniel T Chen
Link: sawfish_1.3.5.2-1ubuntu1.2.debdiff

debdiff against current lucid-proposed candidate

Bug #614758: dvdrip gives wrong options to transcode: unrecognized option '--use_rgb' Undecided New dvdrip 193 weeks

From: Jörn Reder
Link: dvdrip-0.98.11-tc11-rgb-fix.patch.txt

Patch against dvd::rip 0.98.11 to fix --use_rgb issue with transcode >= 1.1.0

Bug #539348: Previously tagged messages keep the associated background color until message is again displayed Undecided New mutt 214 weeks

From: temugen
Link: mutt_1.5.20-4ubuntu1.1.debdiff


Bug #525982: Version 1.4.3 cannot finalize OpenOffice 3.1 document Undecided New bibus 217 weeks

From: Jan Beyer
Link: bibus_1.4.3.2-3_vs_1.4.3.2-5.diff


Bug #517145: Script did not pass --debconf-ok to ucf on configure Medium Triaged bandwidthd 219 weeks

From: Braiam Peguero
Link: bandwidthd.config


Bug #150702: alt shift tab stopped navigating windows Undecided New compiz 221 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: metacity_2.28.0-0ubuntu2.debdiff

debdiff for metacity

Bug #492865: python-soya has unmetdeps; libode0debian1 doesn't exist Undecided Triaged soya 223 weeks

From: Roberto D'Auria
Link: karmic_debdiff


Bug #482255: tuxonice userui is not working Undecided Confirmed tuxonice-userui 225 weeks

From: Whoopie
Link: tuxonice-userui_1.0-1ubuntu0.1.debdiff

debdiff to add fade_logo call and pm-utils hook

Bug #328020: cannot mount NetWare (ipx) server Undecided In Progress ncpfs 226 weeks

From: Steven Harms
Link: ncp_i386_authentication.karmic.debdiff


Bug #344528: Avidemux gtk crash with Greek system language Medium New avidemux 226 weeks

From: Alessio Treglia
Link: avidemux_2.5.1+repack-0ubuntu2.2.debdiff


Bug #496689: gridengine 6.2-4 will not build under Karmic - patch in open upstream bug was never applied Undecided New gridengine 227 weeks

From: Niall Creech
Link: gridengine_6.2-4ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #480455: [MASTER] update-alternatives: error: alternative mpiexec can't be master: it is a slave of mpirun Undecided Fix Committed openmpi 227 weeks

From: Lucas Nussbaum
Link: openmpi+sru.debdiff


Bug #455344: pcmanfm File association support does not work Undecided New pcmanfm 229 weeks

From: Julien Lavergne
Link: pcmanfm_0.5.1+svn20090607-1ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #490302: dh_installinit does not install 'package.default' if 'package.upstart' exists Undecided New debhelper 229 weeks

From: Fortunato Ventre
Link: fix-package.default-installation-when-package.upstart-exists.patch


Bug #464126: package nfdump 1.5.7+20081221-3 failed to install/upgrade: Medium Triaged nfdump 230 weeks

From: Pavol Babinčák
Link: init.d-nfdump.patch

Return same error value as log_end_msg, but independent of VERBOSE variable.

Bug #481732: Webcam acquisition does not work on luciole under karmic Undecided New luciole 230 weeks

From: Fabrice Coutadeur
Link: luciole_0.7.3-0ubuntu1.1.debdiff


Bug #433924: [Karmic] DrPython misconfiguration (cannot find /usr/share/pyshared/drpython) Medium Fix Committed drpython 231 weeks

From: Luca Falavigna
Link: 1:3.11.0-3ubuntu0.1.debdiff


Bug #481482: mtools truncates short filenames in a way that can cause conflicts Undecided New mtools 231 weeks

From: Michael Casadevall
Link: mtools.debdiff

revised debdiff

Bug #427064: Make Contextinfo Compatible with libwebkit 1.0.2 and python-webkit 1.1.5 Undecided New exaile 232 weeks

From: Andrew Starr-Bochicchio
Link: exaile_0.3.0.2-0ubuntu0.1.debdiff


Bug #474341: No conversion occurs. It just says converting... but nothing happens! Undecided New convertall 232 weeks

From: Mathieu Comandon
Link: karmic-fix.diff

Fixes this bug

Bug #474062: kmail crashes when composing message Low Triaged enchant 232 weeks

From: Kjetil Kjernsmo
Link: ispell_checker.patch

Actual patch from upstream

Bug #445487: Network-Manager fails WPA2 Enterprise configuration Undecided Confirmed network-manager-applet 232 weeks

From: Paulus
Link: nm-diff


Bug #449072: Amsn can't load the library on 64 bits systems. It complains of the ELF class being ELFCLASS32 Undecided New amsn 232 weeks

From: David Girault
Link: amsn-data.links.patch


Bug #248392: 32bit libgl search for dri at wrong place on 64bit system Undecided New ia32-libs 233 weeks

From: Chow Loong Jin
Link: debdiff

Debdiff for ia32-libs (SRU)

Bug #248392: 32bit libgl search for dri at wrong place on 64bit system Undecided Confirmed mesa 233 weeks

From: Chow Loong Jin
Link: debdiff

Debdiff for ia32-libs (SRU)

Bug #255307: Can't connect to msn accounts Undecided Confirmed pymsn 297 weeks

From: Laurent Bigonville
Link: pymsn_hardy.diff

debdiff against current hardy version

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