Comment 44 for bug 361205

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :

For anyone who can still recreate the cyclic index error notification followed by reindexing, over and over again, please can you do the following (without deleting the bad indexes):

1) "killall trackerd && killall tracker-indexer && killall tracker-extract"
2) Edit ~/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg and change "Verbosity=0" to "Verbosity=3"
3) Run /usr/lib/tracker/trackerd 2>&1 ~/trackerd.log (I know that tracker creates its own log, but the log is erased each time the daemon starts)
4) If the index is corrupt, you should see the notification, then trackerd should begin to shut down and remove the old indexes. When this instance of trackerd exits, please attach your created trackerd.log to this bug report.

***Remember that trackerd in debug mode will spew a lot of information out, including the filename of every file it looks at. If you have anything private in the filenames, please edit it out before attaching the log if you don't want others to see it. Alternatively, you can mail me the log and I promise I will keep any filenames confidential***