Comment 51 for bug 346912

A few informations to stop these scared comments: :-)
- unchecking 'Enable indexing' in System->Preferences->Search & indexing should be sufficient to stop trackerd, at least after restarting your session if it's hanging

- you can prevent trackerd from starting by going to System->Preferences->Startup Applications, and unchecking the Tracker daemon

- you can always stop trackerd using Alt+F2 and then typing 'killall trackerd', or 'killall trackerd -9' if it's not quitting

- you can completely remove Tracker from your system by removing the tracker package, without any risk for your system

- Tracker was actually installed by default in previous versions, which explains why it may be installed in your box without you doing anything for that. But note that it has always been *disabled* by default.

- there is no 'trackerd' executable in your path, it's in /usr/lib/tracker/trackerd since it's not meant to be started manually

But apart from that, Tracker is a great tool! And, see, it's not so malicious than you may think...