Binary package “golang-github-arceliar-ironwood-dev” in ubuntu jammy

Routing library with public keys as addresses (library)

 Ironwood is a routing library with a net.PacketConn-compatible interface
 using ed25519.PublicKeys as addresses. Basically, you use it when you
 want to communicate with some other nodes in a network, but you can't
 guarantee that you can directly connect to every node in that network.
 It was written to test improvements to / replace the routing logic in
 Yggdrasil (, but it may
 be useful for other network applications.
 Note: Ironwood is pre-alpha work-in-progress. There's no stable API,
 versioning, or expectation that any two commits will be compatible with
 each other. Also, it hasn't been audited by a security expert. While the
 author is unaware of any security vulnerabilities, it would be wise to
 think of this as an insecure proof-of-concept. Use it at your own risk.