Binary package “elpa-smart-mode-line” in ubuntu jammy

powerful and beautiful mode-line for Emacs

 Smart Mode Line is a sexy mode-line for Emacs. Its main features are:
   * Highlights the most important information
   * Intelligently truncates path name and mode names
   * Allows right indentation of strings
   * Shorthand directory names (e.g. ~/.emacs.d/ is translated to :ED:)
   * Hide or highlight minor-modes
   * Easy configuration of all colours and variables
   * Compatible with other packages that write to the mode-line
 If you have a small screen device such as a netbook and have been
 looking for a way to maximise the vertical real estate available for
 editing, without losing the consistent location of the clock, then
 install this addon, run Emacs full-screen, and discover how powerful
 the mode-line can be. This makes using screens with a 16:9 aspect
 ratio slightly less painful.