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Thomas Liebetraut (tommie-lie) wrote :

Guys, the bug status says "Fix comitted", which means that the bug was fixed in the developer's codebase. This is true, if you check out the development or ubuntu branch of ubufox. The fix has not been released yet, neither in Intrepid, nor in Jaunty. It is the task of the package maintainer (Alexander Sack) to provide the Jaunty repositories with an updated version of the package and the task of someone else to file a SRU for this package in Intrepid. The bug's status should for the Jaunty project branch should probably not have been set to "Fix committed", as this status is only true for the main project branch ("Ubufox extension").
I'll attach a package I just made containing the fix for this bug for anyone to install until there is an updated package in the ubuntu repos.