Comment 189 for bug 283316

Erick Brunzell (lbsolost) wrote :

OK, I swapped in an old CD-ROM drive, tested it a bit, and very easily reproduced this by installing 20111007 again. Upon completing the installation and selecting reboot now the CD ejected and immediately retracted :^(

The most worrisome part is that even following my procedure - letting the drive do it's thing, clicking on enter, waiting for reboot, unhiding the boot menu, selecting boot from first hard disc, etc. - once removing the disc by clicking on eject, the drive acts "funny" for quite a while. But after a few reboots, trying a known good Natty disc, etc. the drive seems to be working properly again.

So now I'm going to try 20111007.1 and see if it's still reproducible. If so I'll file a new bug report against ubiquity so apport can collect some info. Don't know what else to do.