Comment 188 for bug 283316

Erick Brunzell (lbsolost) wrote :

Sorry Brian, wasn't thinking clearly ;^(

I had just completed an installation with and after clicking on restart now (rather than continue testing), the reboot process appeared to work as normal, but when the disc ejected the tray just automatically closed.

My first thought was, oh no (with expletives), but I just let the reboot complete then hit a key to display the boot menu and selected boot from first hard disc. I then just ejected the disc using the icon on the desktop and thought all would be fine, but as I continued to try more tests (this time with Lubuntu images) my optical drive would no longer consistently eject or retract as it should :^(

I've previously only seen this with Intrepid (which released with this bug) and Fedora perhaps a year or so ago (don't remember the version, but I believe I was trying some grub 2 dual/multi-boot scenarios, I don't commonly use Fedora and I'd think that info is irrelevant here anyway).

I notice however that there has since been a new release listed on the iso-tracker:, so I need to formulate a safe testing plan. After leaving my testing box shut down nearly all day yesterday the optical drive seems to be working OK again so I hope I got lucky.

Regarding the "drive breakage", what seems to happen is that something electronic gets "confused" following this. I don't understand electronics well enough to understand, but I have both Sony and Lite-on SATA drives in the closet that no longer work properly after encountering this with Intrepid and Fedora some time ago. I have a number of old IDE CD-ROM drives so I may just swap one of those in to see what happens. I'll report back after more testing.