libpam-yubico binary package in Ubuntu Impish armhf

 This package provides the Yubico PAM module. It enables the use of
 two-factor authentication, with existing logins and passwords plus
 a YubiKey One-Time Password that is validated against an online
 validation service. The default is the free YubiCloud, but it is easy
 to set up a custom service.
 A second mode of operation is available using the YubiKey's HMAC-SHA-1
 Challenge-Response functionality. This allows for offline validation
 using a YubiKey, for example on a laptop computer. However, this only
 works for local logins, not for instance SSH logins.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2021-07-16 03:39:40 UTC Published Ubuntu Impish armhf release universe admin Optional 2.26-1.1build1
  • Published
  • Copied from ubuntu impish-proposed armhf in Primary Archive for Ubuntu
  Deleted Ubuntu Impish armhf proposed universe admin Optional 2.26-1.1build1
  • Removal requested .
  • Deleted by Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync

    Moved to impish

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  2021-07-16 03:45:42 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Impish armhf release universe admin Optional 2.26-1.1
  • Removal requested .
  • Superseded by armhf build of yubico-pam 2.26-1.1build1 in ubuntu impish PROPOSED
  • Published
  • Copied from ubuntu groovy-proposed armhf in Primary Archive for Ubuntu