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Aleksandr Mikhalitsyn (mihalicyn) wrote (last edit ):

Hi Andrea,

thanks a lot!

1. In my original patch here:
https://patchwork.ozlabs.<email address hidden>/

there was no "fput" call inside ovl_vm_prfile_set helper. fput was in the outer ovl_mmap() function in fs/overlayfs/file.c

Your last fix looks fully correct.

2. If we compare ovl_mmap function between 5.8 branch and 5.15:

we can see that ovl_mmap function was changed after:

that's the point where the problem was introduced and ovl_vm_prfile_set with this "fput" become incorrect.

Right now, with your fix all seems correct.

3. But there is a question. Can we split this thing out of AUFS? As I mentioned before all that we really need here is this part:

Why we can't remove this `#if IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_AUFS_FS)` and use "shadow file" helper all the time?
I'm ready to prepare and test full version of patches to achieve that if it's needed.