Binary package “libeclipse-jdt-junit-core-java” in ubuntu impish

Eclipse Java Development Tools JUnit core support

 Eclipse JDT UI implements the user interface for the Java IDE. It provides
 several workbench contributions for viewing and manipulating Java code:
  * Package Explorer View - shows the Java element tree as defined
    by a project's build class path
  * Type Hierarchy View - shows the sub- and supertype hierarchies
  * Java Outline View - shows the structure of a Java compilation unit
    or class file
  * Java Browsing Perspecitve - allows navigating the Java model using
    separate views for projects, packages, types and members.
  * Wizards for creating Java elements - Java project, package, class,
  * Java Editor - syntax coloring, content specific code assist, code
    resolve, method level edit, import assistance, quick fix and quick
 In addition to these workbench elements the following functions are provided:
  * Refactoring support - Extract Method, Safe Rename and Moving with
    reference updates, Self Encapsulate Field etc.
  * Java searching - find declarations of and/or references to packages,
    types, methods, and fields, scoped to the workspace, a working set,
    or the current selection.
  * Java aware structured compare - determine and present changes to
    individual Java methods. It supports to replace individual Java elements
    with a version of an element from the local history.
 This package contains the org.eclipse.jdt.junit.core bundle.