Binary package “inspectrum” in ubuntu impish

tool for visualising captured radio signals

 inspectrum is a tool for analysing captured signals, primarily from
 software-defined radio receivers.
 inspectrum supports the following file types:
  *.cf32, *.cfile - Complex 32-bit floating point (GNURadio, osmocom_fft)
  *.cs16 - Complex 16-bit signed integer (BladeRF)
  *.cs8 - Complex 8-bit signed integer (HackRF)
  *.cu8 - Complex 8-bit unsigned integer (RTL-SDR)
  * Large (100GB+) file support
  * Spectrogram with zoom/pan
  * Plots of amplitude, frequency, phase and IQ samples
  * Cursors for measuring period, symbol rate and extracting symbols
  * Export of selected time period, filtered samples and demodulated data