Binary package “fortran-language-server” in ubuntu impish

Fortran Language Server for the Language Server Protocol

 Fortran Language Server (fortls) is an implementation of the Language
 Server Protocol. It can be used with editors that supports the
 protocol (e.g. Emacs with elpa-lsp-mode) to offer support for code
 completion and documentation.
 Supported LSP features include:
  * Document symbols (textDocument/documentSymbol)
  * Auto-complete (textDocument/completion)
  * Signature help (textDocument/signatureHelp)
  * GoTo/Peek definition (textDocument/definition)
  * Hover (textDocument/hover)
  * GoTo implementation (textDocument/implementation)
  * Find/Peek references (textDocument/references)
  * Project-wide symbol search (workspace/symbol)
  * Symbol renaming (textDocument/rename)
  * Documentation parsing (Doxygen and FORD styles)
  * Diagnostics