libmath-prime-util-perl binary package in Ubuntu Hirsute ppc64el

 Math::Prime::Util is a set of perl utilities related to prime
 numbers. These include multiple sieving methods, is_prime,
 prime_count, nth_prime, approximations and bounds for the prime_count
 and nth prime, next_prime and prev_prime, factoring utilities, and
 The default sieving and factoring are intended to be (and currently are) the
 fastest on CPAN, including Math::Prime::XS, Math::Prime::FastSieve,
 Math::Factor::XS, Math::Prime::TiedArray, Math::Big::Factors,
 Math::Factoring, and Math::Primality (when the GMP module is available). For
 numbers in the 10-20 digit range, it is often orders of magnitude faster.
 Typically it is faster than Math::Pari for 64-bit operations.
 All operations support both Perl UV's (32-bit or 64-bit) and bignums. It
 requires no external software for big number support, as there are Perl
 implementations included that solely use Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat.
 However, performance will be improved for most big number functions by
 installing Math::Prime::Util::GMP, and is definitely recommended if you do
 many bignum operations. Also look into Math::Pari as an alternative.

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