Binary package “sra-toolkit” in ubuntu hirsute

utilities for the NCBI Sequence Read Archive

 Tools for reading the SRA archive, generally by converting individual runs
 into some commonly used format such as fastq.
 The textual dumpers "sra-dump" and "vdb-dump" are provided in this
 release as an aid in visual inspection. It is likely that their
 actual output formatting will be changed in the near future to a
 stricter, more formalized representation[s]. PLEASE DO NOT RELY UPON
 Other tools distributed in this package are:
  abi-dump, abi-load
  fastq-dump, fastq-load
  illumina-dump, illumina-load
  sff-dump, sff-load
  sra-pileup, sra-sort, sra-stat, srapath
  vdb-config, vdb-copy, vdb-decrypt, vdb-encrypt, vdb-get, vdb-lock,
  vdb-passwd, vdb-unlock, vdb-validate
 The "help" information will be improved in near future releases, and
 the tool options will become standardized across the set. More documentation
 will also be provided documentation on the NCBI web site.
 Tool options may change in the next release. Version 1 tool options
 will remain supported wherever possible in order to preserve
 operation of any existing scripts.