Binary package “skkdic-extra” in ubuntu hirsute

optional non-standard dictionary files for SKK

 This package provides various dictionary files, such as `SKK-JISYO.zipcode',
 `SKK-JISYO.geo', `SKK-JISYO.station', `SKK-JISYO.emoji', `SKK-JISYO.jinmei',
 `SKK-JISYO.fullname', `', `SKK-JISYO.pinyin', and so on, except
 `SKK-JISYO.L' as the standard dictionary file provided by the skkdic package,
 for SKK Japanese input systems.
 To merge or edit dictionaries, install the skktools package. To use
 dictionaries more conveniently, several SKK dictionary servers are
 available, such as dbskkd-cdb and skksearch.