Binary package “linux-show-player” in ubuntu hirsute

Free cue player designed for sound-playback in stage productions

 Linux Show Player (or LiSP for short) is a free cue player designed for
 sound-playback in stage productions. The goal of the project is to provide a
 complete playback software for musical plays, theater shows and similar.
 Here a list of the main functionality offered by LiSP:
  - Cart layout (buttons matrix) suited for touchscreens
  - List layout suited for keyboards
  - Large media-format support thanks to GStreamer
  - Realtime sound effects: equalization, pitch shift, speed control,
  - Peak and ReplayGain normalization
  - Undo/Redo changes
  - Remote control over network, between two or more sessions
  - ArtNet Timecode (via OLA)
  - MIDI support for cue triggering
  - MIDI cues (send MIDI messages)
  - Multi-language support