Comment 0 for bug 246053

Binary package hint: pm-utils

This prevents uswsusp from being used (except by calling s2disk manually). The reason pm-utils doesn't use uswsusp to suspend to disk is because /usr/lib/pm-utils/defaults doesn't look for s2disk in the right location, preventing the script from autodetecting uswsusp's presence properly. The fix is to modify /usr/lib/pm-utils/defaults in the pm-utils package to add the proper path where Ubuntu installs uswsusp's utilities:

# where is the s2disk binary located? Defaults to "/usr/sbin/s2disk"
# (do not change unless you kow what you are doing)
# Set the path so the script autodetects s2disk in the location
# Ubuntu's uswsusp package installs it.

-Note that this is NOT duplicate of #109151, which is a problems in acpi-utils which basically isn't used in Hardy.

-Using uswsusp was the only way I could get my MacBook Pro C2D to hibernate.

-Until the repositories fix this, the workaround is to copy /usr/lib/pm-utils/defaults to /etc/pm/config.d/config and make the change above in /etc/pm/config.d/config