Comment 3 for bug 213444

After update of Kubuntu Gutsy to Kubuntu Hardy:

1. Automount at startup according to fstab started to function (it failed in Gutsy, see Bug #45842).

2. "sudo mount -a" that had to be used manually in Gutsy was ok, but now with Hardy it issues "mount.nfs: internal error" (this takes a lot of time) instead of normal diagnostics like "already mounted" or "... unavailible" etc. Mounting individually an already mounted performs as expected, that is, the mount command acts as expected if not with the -a option.

I applied the procedure described above by Owen PG with no success, the error remains.

Example with an "old Gutsy-tested" fstab:
Attempting "sudo mount -a" with 4 unmounted enties in fstab where 2 are unavailible does mount the two possible and issues "mount.nfs: internal error" twice. A subsequent "sudo mount -a" with the 2 mounted and the 2 unavailible still issues "mount.nfs: internal error" twice.

Conclusion: The "mount -a" command does probably function as expected but is remarkably slowed down and issues an unexpected error message "mount.nfs: internal error" for unknown reasons in Hardy Heron.