Comment 440 for bug 191889

Hi, I connect to internet using Huawei EC1260 USB modem on Lucid Lynx. The network manager "detects" the mobile broadband hardware but doesn't conect for some reason that I'll investigate later.
Since nw can't get me connected (despite detecting the device), I am forced to use ppp (wvdial or GNOME-ppp)

So, I connect using GNOME-PPP that uses pppd interface for the Huawei modem. It works like a charm.
After I successfully connect as above, when I physically pull out the Huawei USB modem, network manager immediately jumps and notifies me that I am "now" offline. Why is network manager telling everybody ( e.g. Firefox, Evolution) that I was offline before ?

My point is : If network manager instantly and exactly "knows" when I get offline after staying connected using ppp, then why is it misguiding all the depending application that I was offline before?

While I used the Firefox workaround using about:config, is there any workaround to get Evolution start online??