Comment 5 for bug 435185

Jose Juan Montes (jjmontes) wrote :

I can confirm this. We are now compiling the patched module (adding just the PCI ID to the code). We have tested this linking with linux-headers 2.6.24-24-server, 2.6.24-24-xen and 2.6.24-25-xen, and I am pretty confident it would work on any other Hardy kernel flavour.

I believe this to be a reasonable change for the next Hardy release, given the benefit it yields in terms of hardware support. I kindly suggest Ubuntu to consider backporting the newer driver to next Hardy revision or to hack the current code so it supports BCM5716 patch. The driver version included in Intrepid already includes proper support for BCM5716. Otherwise, if Ubuntu decides to patch bnx2.c , support for both Ethernet and Fiber cards can be added with little effort.

As an example for any reader having the same problem, I am attaching the patch we applied. Note that this is not official, and it does not support BCM5716 chipset over fiber channel, just on 1000Base-T (the patch for 1000Base-SX is included in the RedHat bug report referenced above). A more definitive solution would be based on code from the driver upstream version. Sorry for not providing a complete, proper patch, but it is beyond my knowledge about Ubuntu packaging and kernel development.