Comment 15 for bug 435185

Scott Clark (clar2242) wrote :


I'm using this proposed ubuntu-installer (from to install hardy on Dell r210s and r410s with the BCM5716 chipset, as the standard Hardy installer doesn't support the 5716.

We use IPMI to remotely control the power using the builtin BMC using a 802.1q vlan (the ipmi vlan is tagged, normal public network is native vlan on the switchport)

As soon as the bnx2 driver is loaded during the install ipmi stops responding, but the install completes successfully.

Rebooting the machine manually, ipmi starts to work again up until the bnx2 driver is loaded again.
Removing the bnx2 driver using rmmod, it starts to respond again, but obviously I loose network connectivity.

Installing Lucid on the same machine works as expected, the bnx2 is loaded and ipmi still works.

Any ideas?