Comment 37 for bug 186049

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

Correction; the PPA has libgalago 0.5.0-2.1ubuntu2 rather than -2.1ubuntu1. In any case, the package in the PPA differs from the diff provided in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/libgalago/+bug/186049/comments/24, so I have no diff on which to base an upload of a fixed 0.5.2 package.

It looks like both patched packages also add a galago-sharp.dll.config.in which is subsequently postprocessed by autoconf, but the postprocessing is a null op because the config.in doesn't contain any variables. It would be simpler if the patch created galago-sharp.dll.config directly and added

 dist_noinst_SCRIPTS = galago-sharp.dll.config

in libgalago/Makefile.am.

If you can provide a patch against 0.5.2-1, please do so and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to this bug afterwards.