Comment 22 for bug 357024

2009-04-15 20:27:14 -0000, Martin Pitt:
> and finally, the patch for trunk. I am using the classical \; instead of
> +, since old GNU find does not yet support +.
PATCH>+find /var/crash/. ! -name . -prune -type f \( -size 0 -o -mtime +7 \) -exec rm -fv '{}' \;

FYI, the -v option to rm is not standard either.

-exec rm -f '{}' \; -exec printf "removed \`%s'\n" {} \;

(though it will output the "removed..." line even if the file
was not there in the first place (not really a problem as it was
there at the time tests were done, so it has been removed
even if not by rm), and the message will not be localised).

Best regards,