Comment 17 for bug 173890

In case you don't know how to compile the package yourself (for 64-bit), I am giving you instructions via the command line as these are more straightforward (do these in order, one step at a time).

tar -zxvf flashplugin-nonfree_9.0.115.0ubuntu2.tar.gz
cd flashplugin-nonfree-
dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot

The first line downloads the tar.gz file. The second file extracts the downloaded file. The third line changes into the directory created by the extracted file. The fourth line builds a binary package.

Now if you go to Places -> Home you should see a file flashplugin-nonfree_9.0.115.0ubuntu2_amd64.deb. Double-click the file and install the package.

The attached package in the above comment is the same as what you created using the above instructions. I recommend that you build the packages yourself, however, because you should exercise caution when downloading a random package (the source package is trusted as it is from an included Hardy source package) since that lets anything be executed that the creator of the package made (and possibly malicious).