prelude-manager binary package in Ubuntu Groovy riscv64

 Prelude Manager is the main program of the Prelude SIEM suite. It is a
 multithreaded server which handles connections from the Prelude sensors. It
 is able to register local or remote sensors, let the operator configure them
 remotely, receive alerts, and store alerts in a database or any format
 supported by reporting plugins, thus providing centralized logging and
 analysis. The IDMEF standard is used for alert representation. Support for
 filtering plugins allows you to hook in different places in the Manager to
 define custom criteria for alert relaying and logging.
 This package provides the Prelude Manager, which is a high availability
 server that accepts secured connections from distributed sensors or
 other managers and saves received events to a media specified by the
 user (database, log files, mail, etc).

Publishing history

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  2020-04-28 05:33:29 UTC Published Ubuntu Groovy riscv64 release universe admin Extra 5.1.0-3
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  Deleted Ubuntu Groovy riscv64 proposed universe admin Extra 5.1.0-3
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  • Deleted by Ubuntu Archive Robot

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  2020-04-28 05:34:23 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Groovy riscv64 release universe admin Extra 5.1.0-2
  • Removal requested .
  • Superseded by riscv64 build of prelude-manager 5.1.0-3 in ubuntu groovy PROPOSED
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  • Copied from ubuntu focal-release riscv64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu