Binary package “rhythmbox-plugin-alternative-toolbar” in ubuntu groovy

Enhanced play controls and interface for Rhythmbox

 This plugin provides a visual new graphical interface to Rhythmbox.
 New play-controls are provided and dynamical change either by user
 choice or when using a different desktop-environment.
 A GNOME-Shell based headerbar interface is available which integrates
 Rhythmbox with other new GNOME based applications.
 For non-headerbar compatible desktops, compact playcontrols toolbar is
 used which gives Rhythmbox a sleek new interface.
 New music control capabilities are provided - keyboard seek control
 through music tracks as well as repeat-one track.
 The sidebar has been given a visual reworking with new icons and
 interface that integrates Rhythmbox with other GNOME applications
 The plugins window has been revamped to give a consistent look with
 the latest GTK-3 based applications.