Binary package “libghc-language-haskell-extract-doc” in ubuntu groovy

automatically extract functions from the local code.; documentation

 language-haskell-extract contains some useful helper functions on top of
 Template Haskell.
 functionExtractor extracts all functions after a regexp-pattern.
 > foo = "test"
 > boo = "testing"
 > bar = $(functionExtractor "oo$")
 will automagically extract the functions ending with "oo" such as
 > bar = [("foo",foo), ("boo",boo)]
 This can be useful if you wish to extract all functions beginning with test
 (for a test-framework) or all functions beginning with wc (for a web service).
 functionExtractorMap works like functionsExtractor but applies a function
 over all function-pairs.
 This functions is useful if the common return type of the functions is
 a type class.
 This package contains the documentation files.