Binary package “golang-github-renekroon-ttlcache-dev” in ubuntu groovy

In-memory string-interface{} map with expiration for Golang

 TTLCache is a simple key/value cache in golang with the following functions:
   - Thread-safe
   - Individual expiring time or global expiring time, you can choose
   - Auto-Extending expiration on Get
   - DNS style TTL, see SkipTtlExtensionOnHit(bool)
   - Fast and memory efficient
   - Can trigger callback on key expiration
 Project TTLCache was forked from wunderlist/ttlcache to add extra functions
 not available in the original scope. The main differences are:
   - An item can store any kind of object, previously, only strings could be
   - Optionally, you can add callbacks to: check if a value should expire, be
     notified if a value expires, and be notified when new values are added
     to the cache
   - The expiration can be either global or per item
   - Can exist items without expiration time
   - Expirations and callbacks are realtime