libnetaddr-ip-perl binary package in Ubuntu Focal amd64

 NetAddr::IP provides an object-oriented abstraction on top of IP addresses
 or IP subnets, that allows for easy manipulations.
 The internal representation of all IP objects is in 128 bit IPv6 notation.
 IPv4 and IPv6 objects may be freely mixed.
 The following operations are supported:
 Basic IP conversion, netmask manipulation, subnet interpretation, bitwise
 mask generation, full mask generation, subnet manipulation, expansion, and
 range operations, sub/supernet tests, data type determination, and more
 complex operations such as expansion of netblocks into arrays of smaller
 blocks of arbitrary size, and CIDR block aggregation

Publishing history

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  2019-10-24 17:23:30 UTC Published Ubuntu Focal amd64 release main perl Optional 4.079+dfsg-1build4
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  Deleted Ubuntu Focal amd64 proposed main perl Optional 4.079+dfsg-1build4
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  2019-10-24 17:28:36 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Focal amd64 release main perl Optional 4.079+dfsg-1build3
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  • Superseded by amd64 build of libnetaddr-ip-perl 4.079+dfsg-1build4 in ubuntu focal PROPOSED
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  • Copied from ubuntu disco-proposed amd64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu